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Tropical house what is it and why it’s the perfect addition to your summer playlist

Tropical House is more commonly known as Trop House and is the kind of music you’d expect to hear at a pool party on a hot summer night all the while sipping chilled Mojitos. It is a sub-genre of Deep House and was actually created by an Australian producer, a guy called Thomas Jack. The sound is distinguishable thanks to its unique instrumentation and is famous for horns, marimbas and steel drums. It isn’t as fast as deep house and has a more groove friendly beat, think lounging. The undisputed pioneer of this little sub-genre is Norwegian producer and DJ, Kygo. So next time you are planning your summer bbq, be sure to add some trop house tracks to your playlist and really get impress your guests with your eclectic taste.


Mural Hall, Myer

Our Winter Favourites

One of our favourite winter wedding venues is a hidden beauty in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. The Myer Mural Hall, located on bustling Bourke Street is a serene retreat from city life and the CBD's only heritage listed Art Deco venue.
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Beautiful Bali Wedding

As the winter chill started to set in, we headed off to Bali for the wedding of the year and to celebrate the union of Hugo and Ainslie. Bali enjoys a temperate and humid climate all year round and this trip was no exception.
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